Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Greatest Hits

Sergio Mendes & Brasil Greatest Hits
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Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Greatest Hits (Audio CD)

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

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  • Publisher: A&M
  • Audio CD: Release Date 1990-10-25
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The finest 60s cuts by these Latin-pop legends. Their hit versions of Mas Que Nada; Night and Day; The Look of Love; Scarborough Fair , and The Fool on the Hill join Like a Lover; So Many Stars , and more!
A bridge between bossa nova and 1960s pop, Sergio Mendes music was easy listening, vaguely psychedelic pop, light jazz, and bossa nova all rolled into one. Mendes and Brasil 66 (which featured Mendes on keyboards and a revolving cast of two female vocalists, bass, guitar, drums and percussion) had a number of hits from the mid-60s to the early-1970s that are included here. Getting his professional start playing and arranging for Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto, Mendes typically filled out his proper albums with updated versions of popular songs written by the Brazilian masters as well as some of his own tunes ­ his tunes "Look Around" and "So Many Stars" are included. But this collection really surveys his interpretations of pop tunes of the day, some of which were never hits for Mendes. The small combos light touch and rich vocal harmonies make for pleasant if kitschy covers of hits like the Beatles "Fool On The Hill" and "Day Tripper," Burt Bacharachs "The Look Of Love," and others. ­ --Tad Hendrickson
Title Tracks for Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Greatest Hits
  • 1. Mais Que Nada (Ma-sh Kay Nada)
  • 2. Scarborough Fair
  • 3. With A Little Help From My Friends
  • 4. Like A Lover
  • 5. Look Of Love
  • 6. Night & Day
  • 7. Fool On The Hill
  • 8. Going Out Of My Head
  • 9. Look Around
  • 10. So Many Stars
  • 11. Daytripper
  • 12. Pretty World
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Brazil '66 Deserves Better Than This Inferior Collection, June 23, 2005
Gavin B. (St. Louis MO)
This 1983 reissue of the best selling 1970 "Sergio Mendes Brasil'66-Greatest Hits", while being a perfectly a enjoyable compilation of Mendes and Brazil'66 is a marginal collection. It's not even an adequate snapshot of Brazil'66 music for a casual or novice fan.

A thorny issue with Mendes fans is a great deal of his music from his native Brazil is conspicuously absent from this album. "Greatest Hits" contains the sublime "Mais Que Nada" but excludes the rest of their tropicale repetoire that covered Brazilian composers like Jorge Ben, Joao Gilberto and Antonio Jobim. Since Sergio Mendes was largely responsible for making Americans aware of Brazilian songwriters, the omisson is bewildering.

The primary complaint is the 12 song, the less than 30 minute runtime of "Greatest Hits." It's an embarrasingly thin compilation of any artist, particularly since Mendes was prolific at the height of his career.

Apparently AM producer and owner, Herb Alpert's.

Excellent musical blend of jazz, samba and rock., November 19, 1999
By A Customer
This CD provides a wonderful snapshot of a truly unique kind of music. Sergio Mendes captured the strange mood of a genuinely bizarre era in which musical experimentation flourished and no combination of sound was considered too outlandish. Mendes and his talented group managed to combine elements of jazz, rock, pop and samba, creating what can only be described as an exotic listening experience. It's a shame that all of their various albums aren't available on CD. Whenever I hear their music, I'm back in the '60s, when everything seemed possible and there were no limits on the creative mind.

Latin Pop/Jazz At Its Best, December 7, 2003
Rebecca*rhapsodyinblue* (CA USA)
I used to listen to a radio station back in the seventies that plays Latin Jazz for a couple of hours every night, and got me hooked with the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes Brasil'66, Herb Alpert, Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz, Eumir Deodato, Gato Barbieri, Cal Tjader, Paulinho Da Costa, Laurindo Almeida, among others.

I'm glad that the group had come up with their "Greatest Hits" that includes a repertoire of songs by Cole Porter, Bacharach/David, Mendes/Bergman/Bergman, Lennon/McCartney, Simon/Garfunkel, et al. Sergio Mendes, a Bossa Nova icon, is a brilliant pianist/arranger/composer/musical director and producer all rolled into one. Special mention goes to Lani Hall, the group's very talented and original vocalist, and also occasional songwriter who can sing in English, Portuguese and Spanish. She has this lovely voice uniquely her own. I remember some of her hit songs she recorded after leaving Brasil '66 such as "How Can I Tell You," "Hello It's Me,".

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